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Year 7 & 8 TOC

Specialised cells


Recall Questions


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Cells that have features so that they can do particular jobs are called

What do white blood cells help with?

The type of cells which make up the brain are:

Cardiac muscles make up the:

Prokaryotes have:

Select all that apply to prokaryotes:


Protozoa engulf other organisms for food.

All fungi are multicellular

Select all that apply. 
Red blood cells have a bi-concave shape to:

Questions/ Activities

1. Explain why cells in multicellular organisms aren’t the same? 

2. Explain the cells involved in a plant creating sugar and storing it in their roots. 

3. Draw a bacterial cell and a typical animal cell. Label the 2 diagrams and highlight the differences. 

4. Create a table with 3 columns. In the first column list 2 specialised animal cells & 2 specialised plant cells. In the middle column describe the cells function. In the third column write the structures which help it complete its function. 

5. Research a specialised animal cell which wasn’t mentioned in the previous page. What is the structures which make it well suited for it’s purpose.  

6. Why is it useful for mature red blood cells to loose their nucleus? 

7. Explain why bacteria are so important to humans. What do we use them for? 

8. What is the link between cancer & mitosis? 

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