How magnification works

Year 7 & 8 Topics Microscopes Magnification Examining a variety of cells using a light microscope, by digital technology or by viewing a simulation. The magnification of a microscope tells you how much bigger and image is than the real object. For example if you’re on a magnification x10, then the image you see is […]

How to use a Light Microscope

Year 7 & 8 TOC Microscope How to use a compound microscope You will mostly be using a light microscope.  Select the information icons to see what each part of the Microscope is called.    How to use a microscope 1. Set the microscope on the lowest magnification 2. Place the microscope slide on the […]

Types of microscopes

Year 7 & 8 Topics Microscopes What are the different types of microscopes? WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? What are the different types of Microscopes we can use.  What type of cells can we see using different types of Microscopes. When to use different types of Microscopes. Look at your hands. Check out your skin, your […]