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Year 7 & 8


Renewable resources for energy

LO: Comparing renewable and non-renewable energy sources, including how they are used in a range of situations.



  1. Are geothermal and wind energy considered a renewable energy? If so why?
  2. What is 3 advantages of solar power over fossil fuels?
  3.  What is a disadvantage of generating power in Central Australia? 
  4. Are fossil fuels more reliable than tidal power? Explain your answer.
  5. You are about to invest in the development of a solar and wind farm. What are 4 things you should consider before building.
  6. Let’s say you own a geothermal powerplant in a hot and windy area, that provides heat and energy to a town. What are some ways you can use renewable energies to make our powerplant more environmentally friendly?

Select a resouce 

Select 1 type of renewable energy.

  1. Create a diagram of how that resources is used to generate electricity.
  2. Label the diagram and be sure to include 5 key words and definitions relating to that renewable energy.
  3. Which countries have adopted your renewable energy? What have they done to capture the resource and how much energy have they generated?
  4. Based on the renewable energy source you chose, where do you think, in Australia, the best place to build a powerplant is? Consider frequency, distance from towns and environmental impact on wildlife. 


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