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Year 7 & 8 TOC

Wow science

Mining Asteroids

We use minerals a lot in our daily life, whether it’s the gold in our phones or the iron in our diets, we need minerals. Let’s think about the minerals in our technology. Your TV, car and phone all require minerals to function. There’s a limited supply here on Earth and the process of mining can be quite messy. Maybe we should look a the stars for the answer?  🤔

Okay, but what can we get from these asteroids?
What’s on them that we would want to get or why is it useful? Watch the video below.

Watch the video below for a visual illustration on how we could go about mining an asteroid and some of the challenges we could face.


  1. How do we currently get minerals on Earth? 
  2. Why would we want to mine an asteroid? 
  3. What are the pros and cons of mining an Asteroid? 
  4. How could we get minerals from an asteroid?


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