Questions: 1.3 Specialised cells

Year 7 & 8 TOC Specialised cells Questions Recall Questions Questions/ Activities 1. Explain why cells in multicellular organisms aren’t the same?  2. Explain the cells involved in a plant creating sugar and storing it in their roots.  3. Draw a bacterial cell and a typical animal cell. Label the 2 diagrams and highlight the […]

Specialised Animal & Plant Cell

Year 7 & 8 TOC Specialised cells Animal & Plant specialised cells Identifying structures within cells and describing their function Multicellular organisms are things like humans, fish, plants etc. They are made of millions of cells! All the cells work together and perform a specific function to keep the organism alive.  Specialised animal cells Animals […]

The black plague

WOW SCIENCE The black plague The black plague, also referred to as the black death, ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351. During that time millions of people died!  Common questions What caused the black death? The black plague was though to be as a result of the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. The disease used rodents and […]

Cell Division

Year 7 & 8 TOC Specialised cells Cell Division Recognising that cells reproduce via cell division & describing mitosis as cell division for growth and repair Something that all organisms have in common, is their need to replicate or reproduce. Living organisms are constantly making new cells. They replicate to grow, reproduce or replace old […]

Unicellular & Multicellular Organisms

Year 7 & 8 TOC Specialised cells Unicellular & Multicellular Identifying structures within cells and describing their function There are over 8.7 million organisms on earth! Many of them are made up of only 1 cell, these organisms are called unicellular. Unicellular organisms are too small to be seen with the naked eye, but multicellular organisms, […]

Questions: 1.2 Building Blocks

Year 7 & 8 TOC Building blocks Questions Cells are the basic building block of life Recall Questions Questions/ Activities The cards below are a combination of diagrams and microscopic pictures of various organelles. Try and match the organelle to its correct pair.  1. Which organelles would be in high quantities if the cell required:  […]

What are cells?

Year 7 & 8 TOC Building Blocks Cells Distinguishing plant cells from animal and fungal cells Scientists have identified cells as the basic building blocks of life. You would have read on the previous page that animals, plants & fungi are all eukaryotic and mostly (except for fungi) multicellular organisms. Multicellular means, they an organism […]

What are Animal, Plant & Fungi cells?

Year 7 & 8 Topics Building Blocks Animal, plant & fungi Distinguishing plant cells from animal and fungal cells Cells are the building blocks of life. All living organisms, from bacteria to an elephant are composed of cells. However, not all cells are made the same. In fact your body alone has over 200 different […]

1.1: Microscopes Questions

Year 8 TOC Microscopes Questions Examining a variety of cells using a light microscope, by digital technology or by viewing a simulation. Recall Questions Questions/ Activities Why use a magnifying glass to see clues at a crime scene?  How do you determine the magnification of a specimen? Create a table listing each part of the […]

Wow: Tardigrades

Year 7 & 8 Topics Tardigrade wow science Tardigrades are some of the most toughest organisms on earth! If you think bears, lions and tigers are tough, you haven’t met the tardigrade! What’s cool, is that you can see these little guys with even a light microscope! How can we see them? You can […]