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Year 8 TOC



Examining a variety of cells using a light microscope, by digital technology or by viewing a simulation.

Recall Questions


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You should carry a microscope with only 1 hand

You should start viewing a specimen on the microscope at the lowest setting

Which number is the objective lens

Which number is the eye piece

How much does the eyepiece magnify the specimen by?

A microscope with on the 4 objective lens has a magnification of?

The object you place on the stage of a microscope is called a

What you see through a microscope is called a

Jason needs to conduct a dissection on a piece of tissue. He should use an

How many mm in 5cm

How many mm in 2000 μm

Stereo microscopes & compound microscopes are types of

A stereo microscope has a maximum magnification of around

True or False.
When a specimen is placed under a monocular microscope, light reflects off it.

True or False.
When using an SEM, the specimen can be anything. There is no need to slice it.

Questions/ Activities

  1. Why use a magnifying glass to see clues at a crime scene? 
  2. How do you determine the magnification of a specimen?
  3. Create a table listing each part of the microscope & it’s function. 
  4. Create a poster to tell people how to handle and operate a microscope. 
  5.  Investigate how an electron microscope works.
    1. What are the different types? 
    2. How are they used in labs & research? 
    3. Why use an electron microscope instead of a light microscope? 
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