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Year 7 & 8 TOC


How to use a compound microscope

You will mostly be using a light microscope. 

Select the information icons to see what each part of the Microscope is called. 


How to use a microscope


1. Set the microscope on the lowest magnification

2. Place the microscope slide on the stage and fasten it with the stage clips.

3. Turn the focus knob so the stage moves upward. Move it up as far as it will go without letting the objective touch the cover slip.

4. Look through the eyepiece and move the focus knob until the image comes into focus.

5. Adjust the light intensity for the greatest amount of light.

6. Move the microscope slide around until the sample is in the centre of the field of view

7. Use the focus knob and the fine focus knob to place the sample into focus and readjust the light intensity for the clearest image.

8. When you have a clear image of your sample with the lowest power objective, you can change to the next objective lenses.

9. You might need to readjust the sample into focus and/or readjust the condenser and light intensity.

10. When finished, lower the stage, click the low power lens into position and remove the slide

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